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Art Educator 

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As an art educator ...

I believe that all children should have the opportunity to make, create and produce art. Art should be fun, stimulating and expressive. As an art facilitator and educator, I want to give that opportunity to all children - from all socio-economic backgrounds and of all abilities. Art allows all children to explore there, past, present and future. 

I follow a few principles in my teaching:

I have been very fortunate to work with outstanding educational institutes and Arts Centres like South Hill Park, Nine Mile Ride School, Artspiration and Activate Learning. 

Art Workshops, Courses and Classes

M Haines, Berkshire, UK

Father of SEND child 

We are so thankful for everything Areej has done for our daughter the best part is she now enjoys learning and her phobias and anxiety are no longer an issue.

Z L, Berkshire, UK

Art therapy to SEND child

You engaged and connected with our daughter, expanding her love of drawing and lifted her spirits and helped her find confidence in brought the best out in her, you have shown patience, kindness and understanding.

Laura de Moxom

Learning, Participation and Community Engagement Manager 
South Hill Park, Berkshire, UK

 Finding creative practitioners who are not only incredibly talented within their field, but have the ability to be engaging and inclusive in the sharing of their skills is so exciting. But when those practitioners are also on the ball with communication, admin and budgeting it is gold dust. Areej offers the whole package, and I would never hesitate to recommend her for community arts projects.

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